Holly Pasut
Broker, Consultant, and Motivator
phone: (704) 502.7744
email: Holly@TeamHolly-would.com
web: www.TeamHolly-would.com
Holly Pasut is a Co Publisher at Best Version Media. Best Version Media combines a new idea and technology with an old idea and technology.  BVM started in 2007 with six magazines. Today BVM is one of the fastest growing privately held media companies in the U.S. Considered the "Facebook" and "Craigslist" of print media. They use social media and micro-target-marketing and apply it to print form.

Holly Pasut is an highly innovative sales professional since 1979. She has worked with many Fortune 500 Companies and International Real Estate Firms. Holly Pasut
 is known for being a high energy, result oriented, goal focused and a devoted self-motivated team player. Holly has a crafty ability to comprehend and implement new ideas, concepts and methods. 

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